This FAQ is still under construction.

How long does the shipping take?

Once your payment has been processed, you should expect 5-10 business days of shipping time.

Can you make me a custom design/modify an existing design?

Sure! If you want your receiving address on your short, in plain text or in a QR code, or any modification in one of my design, just send us a message and I will gladly do it!

Why don't you accept [specific crypto]?

Multiple factors enter in consideration when we decide which crypto we’re accepting as payment. Most of the time it’s about having a reliable payment gateway available to us. It also depends on the demand expressed by our customers. We will probably add more cryptos as currencies in the future as the crypto-space matures. Feel free to tell us what crypto you’d like to pay with via our contact form.

Do you have a size guide?

You can find the size guide on each product page. Here it is:

For T-Shirts:

Length (inches)2829 ¼30 ¼31 ¼32 ½33 ½
Width (inches)182022242628
Length (cm)717477798385
Width (cm)465156616671

For hoodies:
Length (inches)262728293031
Width (inches)202224262830
Length (cm)666971747679
Width (cm)515661667176